Mini ginger Kouign-Amann

If you have never heard of, or eaten Kouign-Amann pastries before, think crisp bites of buttery, caramelised croissant…..wonderful as an occasional treat!

I have posted about the fabulous Kouign-Amann pastries before and from time to time I like to make variations.

Given that it is hard to buy good Kouign-Amann in the UK (mind you, even indifferent ones are hard to come by!), it is worth making them. And they are actually not that hard.

I tend to go for the easier, rough-puff croissant dough approach, which gives terrific results: the full recipe at the bottom of this post.

You can make them larger, using standard deep muffin tins, but I love them even smaller, using very well buttered mini muffin tins.

As a slight variation to the recipe given below, I add 2 teaspoons of ginger powder to the flour at the start which gives a nice ginger note in the pastries themselves.

To shape these mini Kouign-Amanns, cut the rolled out dough into small squares: just large enough to cover the top of the holes in the tins and pop them in. Push a little finely chopped stem ginger in the centre of each, before leaving them to rise and then bake. They can be eaten just as they are or can be glazed (while still hot) with stem ginger syrup.

The batch at the recipe link below will make about 45 mini Kouign-Amanns. These mini ones bake for about 20 minutes before being glazed with stem ginger syrup.

The recipe for standard Kouign-Amanns is here:

Author: Philip

Finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC Television 2018). Published recipe writer with a love of growing fruit & veg, cooking, teaching and eating good food.

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