Top Tips

It’s admittedly very tongue-in-cheek of me to refer to these as “masterclasses”; they are more like tips for areas of baking that I am particularly fond of: little baking bites, to dive into as and when……!

Being an amateur baker, I will bow to the professionals any day of the week; I am certainly not an authority, just a very keen home cook who loves to research and practise in order to get better.

Key areas within the world of baking

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The links below go to my full recipes and guidelines on those areas. Those guidelines summarise what works well for me, giving reliable results that I am very happy with: and I tend to measure “happy with” by how easily I can devour them and how confident I am to serve the bake to others!


Breads made using commercial yeast

Sourdough bread


Cakes: making, flavouring & decorating cakes




Choux pastry (sweet & savoury)

Croissants & related pastries (viennoiserie)

Rough-puff pastry

Shortcrust pastry & baking blind



4 thoughts on “Top Tips”

  1. Great tips section Philip. Easy to follow for an eager novice like me. I will soon be attempting croissants with your guidance. You need to publish your telephone number so I can call you when I get stuck 🙂 🙂


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