Raspberry mocha mini rolls

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Gooey and chocolatey, with a raspberry tang and a real coffee kick, Swiss Rolls are a firm favourite in this house. And in the current climate, foodie treats are particularly appreciated.

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This is an adaption of my earlier chocolate orange mini rolls: recipe is here. I made these for VE Day celebrations in the street: even though we were all very far apart, it was lovely to note the pockets of people at the end of their drives getting into the spirit of things with the folk they are in lockdown with.

This time, I went for coffee and raspberry as the key flavours: a combination that works so well.

Diving into cupboards and the freezer

I’ve been using up a lot of freezer and cupboard ingredients of late and I never cease to be amazed at how good food can be using ingredients that might otherwise be neglected. And I know I have been guilty before of throwing stuff into the freezer only for it to never re-surface!

Frozen raspberries, frozen egg whites and yes, frozen yolks all came into play here. While the egg yolks go somewhat firmer once defrosted after their deep freeze, if you beat them well, they will become smooth and perfecty usable.

And of course, you can use fresh eggs – just separate them first.

For this recipe:

I halved the recipe here and in place of the orange juice and orange zest, I used espresso coffee to form the chocolate paste.

When I made the buttercream this time, I omitted the orange but added a little vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. I placed some of the frozen raspberries on top of the buttercream before rolling up: I just loosely broke them up. They give a lovely burst of tanginess in the rolls.

I only covered a few of the chocolate rolls in chocolate (the perils of running out of chocolate!) but I left the others with a dusting of icing sugar.



Author: Philip

Finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC Television 2018). Published recipe writer with a love of growing fruit & veg, cooking, teaching and eating good food.

6 thoughts on “Raspberry mocha mini rolls”

  1. Hi Philip, found the Choc orange recipe but can’t find the quantities for the change to Choc raspberry. Would love to make them if I can find some icing sugar in the shops.


    1. for the change to coffee/raspberry, simply replace the orange from the orange recipe to espresso coffee. I hope you manage to get some icing sugar. If not, caster sugar in a food processor will break it down to a powder: a bit of a faff but I’ve relied on that once or twice before


  2. i would never have thought of putting coffee with raspberry! sounds interesting. and they look lovely. i am using heaps of things from the freezer. always a treasure when i dive in there….


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