smoked sea-salted caramel chocolates

Caramel-filled chocolates are right up there among my favourite chocolates to make, so this time I used smoked sea salt to flavour the caramel. These are great to give to people as gifts or simply to munch on without guilt!

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Not a lot needs to be said about these as they are just dark chocolate filled with smoked salt caramel. Basically my take on Rolo, a sweet I adored growing up!

The method for making the chocolates is as in my cappuccino chocolates post: here. I just used a different mould for these caramel chocolates.

I was going to make a chocolate gateau version of these for my Ultimate Chocolate Dessert in Episode 5 of Britain’s Best Home Cook (layers of sponge, caramel ganache, chocolate shards, a touch of salt…..) but I was, rightly, lured by my old favourite: the Black Forest Gateau!

The recipe for the caramel is here into which I added enough smoked salt to give a kick of smoky-saltiness


Author: Philip

Finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC Television 2018). Published recipe writer with a love of growing fruit & veg, cooking, teaching and eating good food.

8 thoughts on “smoked sea-salted caramel chocolates”

  1. I am a bit traumatized about tempering chocolate, but wish I could attempt something like this at some point…

    so, what’s next for you now? After the show, I wonder if you could go for a cookbook publication? Your tutorials on all things cake, pastries, sweets, are masterpieces worth of a publication, don’t you think?

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    1. yes the tempering can be a challenge but sometimes when it has not work I just go for melted chocolate rather than tempered.

      Not sure yet post-show: yes, would LOVE to do a cookbook (so many ideas!) and live cooking with demonstrations or food festivals. But would love to do another spot of cooking on television: will see what I can do to try and get things happening 🙂

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      1. all good plans, but I do hope you will write a cookbook at some point – and in that occasion, can I have a copy autographed????

        independent of your TV performance, that would make me very very happy!


            1. I am trying to investigate how to get things off the ground with a cook book: not the writing of it as such, just the approval to get it going from a publisher… 🙂


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