All about scones: sweet and savoury!

Freshly made scones with cream and home-made curd or jam is one of life’s best food pleasures. But savoury scones are also very exciting both to make and to eat. This post gives a selection of my recipes for both sweet and savoury scones.

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Updated: August 2018

When it comes to scones, I vary between mini scones that you can pop in your mouth and in one bite they are gone, and the larger scones. So make them any size you want.

Top tips:

  • a wetter, though not sticky dough, is much better than a dry dough
  • don’t handle the dough too much: just enough to bring it together. If you over-work the dough, you will end up with tough scones.
  • roll out so the dough is thick: about the depth of a cutter. You can even pat the dough out with the palm of your hand instead of using a rolling pin.
  • ensure the oven is hot when the dough goes in: that way, you get a rapid expansion as they rise high and give that natural split around the middle

For sweet scones, clotted cream is ideal. If you want a bit of quirky fun, try making your own. As well as plain clotted cream, I like to make a flavoured one: such as my lemongrass one below. It is also fabulous flavoured with vanilla seeds.

My recipe for clotted cream is here.

The links to several of my scone recipes, including a few savoury scones, are given below.

Traditional scones

One of the simplest of all baking recipes, a plain scone is a thing of great joy and never fails to create a feeling of happyness to all who tuck into it.

Plenty of clotted cream (but whipped double cream is never going to offend!) is the order of the day!

Recipe: traditional scones

Earl Grey Tea scones

Sultanas, raisins or a combination of both, soaked in Earl Grey tea and then baked into a scone is a lovely variation on a classic.

Prefect with clotted cream and fruit curd or jam.

Recipe: Earl Grey scones

Roasted onion and smoked cheese scones

This is one of the savoury scones I make most often, sometimes with standard cheese rather than smoked cheese.

Topped with a little savoury relish (beetroot is wonderful!) and some creamy goats cheese on top, you have what I think is an exciting savoury twist on the classic sweet scone.

Recipe: roasted onion & smoked cheese scones

Sun-dried tomato and cheese scones

A wonderful savoury scone that I often make using what is lying around in the kitchen: even the ends of bits of cheese that mught have started to dry out.

This is particularly great served with a herby cream cheese and tomato chutney: quite fun as at first glance it looks just like a tradition sweet scone with cream and jam!

Recipe: sun-dried tomato & cheese scones

Spiced smoked haddock scones

I am so proud of these scones, which are essentially my kedgeree-inspired scone, complete with a runny quail egg inside. The egg is optional, and without it this is a very easy scone to make.

The scone without the egg, bursting with spices and smoked haddock, is wonderful served warm with some cream cheese that has been flavoured with black pepper and lemon.

Recipe: spiced smoked haddock scones

Stem ginger scones

I will post my recipe for these shortly – but essentially they are traditional scones into which a teaspoon of ground ginger is sieved with the flour, along with 3-4 piece of crushed stem ginger mixed into the dough.

Author: Philip

Finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC Television 2018). Published recipe writer with a love of growing fruit & veg, cooking, teaching and eating good food.

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